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The wild realm: Animals of East Africa, by Louis S. B. Leakey
Cena: 34,00 zł

Eastern Africa is home to an incredible assortment of mammals and birds, and the many game parks are trying desperately to preserve them. These parks are open to visitors for a small fee and allow many people to experience an amazing, ancient world that is struggling to survive. Safari Jeeps come equipped with open rooftops, so passengers can safely enjoy driving next to herds of wildebeests, buffalo and zebras while numerous predatory cats lurk on the hillsides.

Tropical bossoms of the Pacific, Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves
Cena: 18,00 zł

over 100 full color pictures with authentic descriptions.

Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and all S. E. Asia

64 pages, 14x21 cm.

Tropical plants for house and garden
Cena: 18,00 zł

is a guide the showy ornamentals found outdoors in tropical and subtropical regions in cooler climes in homes, offoces lobbies and greenshouses. By Julia F. Morton, Golden Press, New York.

160 pp., 4x6 inch.

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