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Wszystko jest folklorystyką, Helena Kapełuś
Wszystko jest folklorystyką, Helena Kapełuś

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Chinese Female Namings. Past and Present

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The book discusses various linguistic and cultural aspects of personal namings of women from China's past and from contemporary times. The names are considered  in the work as linguistic forms having their language-specific linguistic structure and lexical and associative meaning, and as cultural and social artifacts conveying the information on facts and phenomena of the former and contemporary  culture of the Chinese language community, revealing certain stereotyped opinions and cultural conventions connected with women in Chinese society.The research material comprises various categories of personal namings of 3316 Chinese women of the Han nationality, born up to 1986.

Irena Kałużyńska holds the position of assistant professor in the Sinology Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Warsaw University. Her research interests are Chinese linguistics and Chinese onomastics. She has published a monograph Contemporary Chinese Place Names, Names of Administrative Divisions at County and City Level (Peter Lang, AG, 2002) and many academic papers mainly on Chinese toponymy. She has also translated several pieces of classical and modern Chinese literature and a number of books on Chinese culture and history.

Wydawnictwo Agade, 2008, s. 410
ISBN 978-83-87111-40-3

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