Hominid evolution and community ecology, Robert Foley (ed.)

Hominid evolution and community ecology, Robert Foley (ed.)
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This collection of 11 papers is largely the result of a symposium organized by the editor for a meeting of the Theoretical Archaeology Group. Foley personally and in assembling these papers has made a conscientious attempt to further the rapprochement of paleoanthropology and paleoecology. This is a difficult and often elusive goal, so it is not surprising that this book is uneven and only partly successful. Foley's introductory chapter, "Putting people into perspective,' provides an excellent brief introduction to community evolution and ecology for prehistorians and raises hopes for a generally stimulating, innovative volume. Unfortunately, much of what follows is - from the perspective Foley establishes - either inconclusive or irrelevant.


  • Putting people into perspective / by Robert Foley
  • Pleistocene environments in time and space / by Neil Roberts
  • Human evolution and biological adaptation in the Pleistocene / by Chris Stringer
  • Early man and the red queen / Robert Foley
  • Hyaenas and hominids / by Andrew Hill
  • Hominid hunters? / by Richard Potts
  • Mental abilities of early man / by John A.J. Gowlett
  • Hominids and fellow-travellers / by Alan Turner
  • Hunter-gatherers and large mammals in glacial Britain / by Katharine Scott
  • Regional variation in hunter-gatherer strategy in the Upper Pleistocene of Europe / by Clive Gamble
  • Community ecology and Pleistocene extinctions in the Levant / by Andrew N. Garrard


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