Mesopotamian Goddess Nanaja, Olga Drewnowska-Rymarz

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Mesopotamian Goddess Nanaja, Olga Drewnowska-Rymarz
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The objective of the present study is to give a comprehensive discussion of representations of the goddess Nanaja. An analysis of the role of this goddess and the perception that the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia had of her will aid in a better understanding of the entire pantheon of Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians. Following the example set by authors of other monographs of deities, I have analyzed cuneiform sources, whitch contein mentions of Nanaja, coming from many ancient cities of Mesopotamia and representing very different literary genres. To achive a clearer picture I have refrained from chronologically into centerswhere the goddess was worshipped. Instead, I have grouped together texts either of the same genre or which close thematically, reflecting specific aspects under which Nanajawas venerated.

Wydawnictwo Agade, 2008, s. 192
ISBN 978-83-87111-41-0

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